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Ken's Latest Album Release - "Falworth"

Falworth is a collection of songs about life, love and some soul-searching.  

This CD is dedicated to my very close friend, Ron Alan Friel.  - Ken Koenig


Falworth Album - Special Thanks & Credits

God, My friends, Family and all the musicians that gave thier talents to these songs, and Eveyone that supported me over the years.

Jerry Jennings, For being My co-prducer, and for treating this Cd with special attention .You come up with so many brilliant ideas! you did a wornderful job in the mixing and mastering process as well

Kim Oliver and Brian B. Fox-For the wonderful photo!

Jane Jennings - CD cover work, and getting my copyright, Harry Fox stuff Done!

Shannon Dee - For doing all the final foot work and putting up with all the hassles! Your Very quick! Could'nt done it without you! 

Falwoth produced by Ken Koenig and Jerry Jennings 2019

Dedicated to one of the most beautiful people that has ever come into my life

 Ron Allen Friel 1968-2016 I will Miss you dearly my brother

 1. I Got It Bad For You Baby (Ken Koenig- Vocals and harmonies,Electric and acoustic guitars Mark Harmon-Bass Steve Stizzo-Keys  Steve Del rio-Congas  

Tim Taylor-Sax  Bob Robbins-Drums)

 2. If The Devil Can't get to you (Ken Koenig-Vocals, harmonies, Acoustic guitar,percussions  Jerry Jennings-Lead Guitar  Mark Harmon-Bass  Steve Stizzo-Keys  Jeff Tuttle-Drums)

 3. Summer's Gone (Ken Koenig-Vocals,Harmonies,Acoustic and Nylon string guitars,congas,percussions Mark Harmon-Bass  Steve Gust-Drums

 4. One Track Mind (Ken Koenig-Vocals,Harmonies,Acoustic and Electric guitars,Percussions  Paul Hawley-Bass  Steve Stizzo-Keys  Lisa Bond-Fiddle

Steve Gust-Drums

 5.The Brightest Star In The Sky (Ken Koenig-Vocals,Harmonies,Electric,Acoustic and 12-String Guitars  Jerry Jennings-Electric slide Guitar and solo  Paul Hawley-Bass  Steve Stizzo- Keys  John Pattison-Drums) 

 6. Wooden Heart (Ken Koenig-Vocals,Acoustic Guitars,UKulel,Tambourine  Mark Harmon-Bass  Steve Stizzo-Accordion,Tuba  Ken Burnett-Mandolin  Steve Gust-Bass Drum)

 7. It's your Life (Ken Koenig-Vocals,Harmonies,Electric guitars  Mark Harmon-Bass  Joe Kye-Violin  Scott Reams-Keys  Jeff Tuttle-Drums 

8.Magnet And Steel(Ken Koenig-Vocals,Harmonies,Electric Guitars  Amy Anne-Harmonies  Mark Harmon-Bass  Steve Stizzo-Keys  Jeff Tuttle-Drums

 9. Fly Away(Ken Koenig-Vocals,Acoustic Guitar  Franks Rios-Vocal Harmonies, Congas,Percussions  Jerry Jennings-12-String and Acoustic Guitars,Mandolin,Addional Harmonies   Steve Stizzo-Keys Sean Mcmillin-Bass 

 10. All Falls Down-Ken Koenig-Vocals,Acoustic Guitars Michael Gregory-Lead Guitar  Jerry Jennings-Electric Guitar  Paul Hawley-Bass  Steve Stizzo-Keys  John Pattison-Drums